Wed. May 18th, 2022

Veteran actor Connie Chiume recently dismayed her fans once she disclosed that she once nearly committed suicide.

Connie Chiume UN agency plays the role of MamSonto in Gomora detached concerning however she wished to require her own life once fellow actor Siyabonga Zubane UN agency contend the role of Sdumo on a similar telenovela passed on to the great beyond once allegedly committing suicide.

Speaking at Siyabonga Zubane’s memorial, Connie Chiume disclosed that she once tried to require her own life in 1987 once her girl died whereas she was feeding her. She same that once her daughter’s tragic death, she started having dangerous thoughts.

“It’s so difficult to stand here and speak about young talent and young creative like Siya.”

“A child that we were still looking forward to seeing where he is going. We are hurt by his departure.”

“I understand what his parents are going through because I almost took my own life.”

Chiume same that she conquered the satanic spirit that wished her to kill by praying.

Watch the video below as Connie Chiume speaks on however she nearly committed suicide.

“I almost took my own life in 1987” Connie Chiume who plays MamSonto on #Gomora reveals at Siyabonga memorial.

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Connie Chiume bemoaned the speed at that adolescents ar committing suicide. She argued that there was a satanic spirit going around targeting adolescents.

“I’m asking myself, who do we hand the baton over to when our kids are dying like this?”

“Let’s not pretend that things are fine, there is a problem within our youth, not only in the arts and creative sector but youth, in general, is affected.”

“There is a demonic spirit going around targeting our youth

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