Wed. May 18th, 2022

When we talk about Julius Malema, we talk about one of the most obstinate people who is not afraid to state the facts as they are. Julius Malema does not sugarcoat the truth. Because he has been working so hard to ensure that black people are compensated for the land that was taken from them during the apartheid era, many people, mainly white people, despise him because of his efforts. In a nutshell, it is fair to conclude that Malema has ill will toward white people, and he does not shrink from airing his grievances in public. Because of this, he even changed the lyrics to the song “kill the boer.” As a result of this, he has a great number of white adversaries. Some people have even taken it upon themselves to criticize him on social media and threaten to harm him in the future. 

Aside from that, Malema is not everyone’s favorite in Mzansi these days because many people are calling for foreigners to leave the country while he is doing everything possible to defend them. This has caused a rift in public opinion toward Malema. He believes that there should be no borders between African countries since we are all one. Because of the way he thinks about people from other countries, he has a lot of opponents. One more reason why Malema has adversaries is that he poses a threat to the parties that are in opposition. Although he has been cautioned by a lot of people that he has to be careful since he has a lot of enemies who might try to kill him, he acts like he has no fear at all. 

After that, there is a video that is going viral that is of a prophecy that was made by an extremely well-known prophet named Apostle Yamkela Joseph. His prophecy made clear that there is a scheme afoot to eliminate Julius Malema through the application of medical procedures. He went on to add that Malema should exercise extreme caution around the witch doctor that he is consulting because there is a plan afoot to induce an illness in him that would ultimately prove fatal. The prophet is giving Malema a word of caution, urging him to be watchful, and pleading with others to pray for him because there is a significant threat to his life. Watch the video that may be found here: 

This prophet is a foreigner from Nigeria, which is one of the reasons why many people did not buy into his predictions. They made the accusation that the preacher from another country is dishonest. However, there are some people who have faith in this prophet, and they are cautioning South Africans not to take this information at face value despite the fact that it is accurate. Some people went so far as to declare that they ought to eliminate him as quickly as they could because they consider him to be a threat to peace. Please take a look at the following comments: 


As a direct result of what had place with Bushiri, people in South Africa no longer have faith in prophets from other countries. They have come to the conclusion that all prophets are hoaxes, which explains why they are no longer affected by what this prophet has to say. However, despite our lack of knowledge regarding its veracity, we should not disregard this warning. Julius Malema is deserving of our prayers. I have faith that the prophecy will come to pass. Malema has stomped on the toes of so many people in such a way that it is impossible for them to just let him go free.

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