Tue. May 17th, 2022

A whirlwind it has been for the sensational DJ Uncle Waffles and by the look of things her problems are only getting worst. The superstar may be facing jail time in Botswana after pulling a no-show.

Following the recent social media smackdown where the star’s s.e.xuality was put under scrutiny. Uncle Waffles was scheduled to perform in Botswana the past weekend. According to Botswana’s resident controversial Daniel Kenosi, Uncle Waffles pulled a now show. Now the star is possibly facing jail time.

Swaziland Dj, Uncle Waffles will spend the night behind bars this weekend for obtaining by false pretences if she doesn’t pay back the promoters. The Swati star was scheduled to perform in Botswana on Saturday but didn’t show up with no explanation” wrote Daniel Kenosi

Uncle Waffles may have made matters worst when she went on social media and pulled a middle finger on her post while talking about Botswana. The Tswana’s are up in arms and they are gunning for the DJ’s head on a platter.

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