Wed. May 18th, 2022

Chris Kazadi, the founder and CEO of Click Media, died unexpectedly after being shot and killed by Congolese police. The reports of the sad passing of Chris Kazadi are currently circulating through social media threads. More information about the incident has not been released to the public.

Entertainment Commentator, Phil Mphela has also reported about the sad passing of Kazadi. Click Media, which Chris Kazadi was a Founder and CEO of, confirmed his passing via its page. Chris was reportedly shot and killed in Congo. He left Mzansi for Botswana to attend #forbes30under30 summit then went to Congo.

Martin Mutombo took to Twitter to spit fire following the alleged shooting. “Macron got slapped by a civilian; the civilian got 4 months jail time, yet Congolese police killed Chris Kazadi for throwing tantrums; and this happened during the tenure of Fatshi, the president of the “Union for DEMOCRACY and social progress”, this is a huge blow to democracy”, Mutombo said.

@ricobars I know the police men who killed Chris Kazadi will walk free because there’s no proper system to hold them accountable, but God will bring them to Justice. They took a real one’s life #JusticeForChrisKazadi

@BongzTha France is not even called DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, yet when the president of France literally got slapped by a civilian, they didn’t kill the civilian – Congolese police killed Chris Kazadi for throwing tantrums. My condolences to Chris Kazadi’s family.”

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