Tue. May 17th, 2022

According to Musa Khamula, Lerato Kganyago is currently going through it all. Lerato says she regrets Greeting someone and she won’t do it again. It turns out the person in question is DJ Zinhle. At the time, DJ Zinhle and Lerato were both at the White Lounge; Sunninghill and Lerato tried talking to DJ Zinhle but were ignored.

To begin, I’ll try to give DJ Zinhle the benefit of the doubt by speculating that she may not have heard of Lerato. Second, I’ll assume she doesn’t want to answer you because she’s in a bad mood or because you dated her ex-boyfriend. No matter how bad her mood is, there is no excuse for her to ignore someone’s “Hello!” or “Good Morning!”

People had different views regarding what had happened, and below are some of the comments from people on Twitter.

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