Wed. May 18th, 2022

Izangoma Zodumo star Gogo Maweni seems to have struck gold after she trended last week.

The sangoma, who happens to be actor SK Khoza’s baby mama was revealed as the brains behind his misfortune and bad luck. She, later on, revealed that all she did was talk to her ancestors to intervene so that SK Khoza can take care of his child.

Now the Izangoma Zodumo star has come up with a product that is selling like hotcakes and is reported to have sold out in the shops. The product which she calls ‘Sondela – Come Duze‘ was unveiled on her social media accounts and selling for R500 per tub. She wrote :

Our source believes the new muthi has already sold out with pre-orders and purchases. Twitter users however felt indifferent about the product lambasted it on social media calling it witchcraft.

And this is what tweeps had to say:

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