Wed. May 18th, 2022

There has been chaos in KwaMashu ever since Vika made his debut. Vika is a criminal mastermind who is after taking Nkunzi’s throne as the criminal king of KwaMashu. Vika specializes in Hijacking cargo trucks and sell the cargo to otber criminals. Vika is responsible for attempting to kill Lilly and for killing Oliphant.

Mondli sent Cocoa to be undercover and find the gun that killed officer Oliphant so that Mondli can arrest Vika full time. Mondli arrested Vika for Hijacking and for Killing a police officer and for attempting to kill a police officer, but the killing offense will not stick as the murder weapon is not found. It seems that Cocoa failed her mission and was caught and held captive by Vika.

Lilly went undercover to try and rescue Cocoa from Vika’s house as she is not in the scrapyard that they thought she was held in. Lilly went undercover and got into Vika’s house.

I think that Lilly may get caught as the housekeeper seems like a person who is vigilant.

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