Tue. May 24th, 2022

Woman seriously injured in an accident on the pothole-strewn road in Bloemfontein.

People have noticed that this is one of the painful injuries as the car is having small pieces.

One of the vehicles involved in the collision on Raymond Mhlaba Street outside Bloemfontein on Monday.

An elderly woman was seriously injured in a car crash on one of the many Bloemfontein roads littered with potholes on Monday.

The potholes in Raymond Mhlaba Street – where the accident occurred – are not an exception, Pieter Lotriet of the DA and Dr Elizabeth Snyman-Van Deventer of the FF Plus, two board members of the Mangaung Metro, told Netwerk24 separately on Tuesday when asked about this street.

On Monday, the emergency service VR MED wrote on Facebook that an elderly woman, a passenger in one of the two vehicles that collided on Raymond Mhlaba Street, was seriously injured. One vehicle hit the other from behind.

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