Tue. May 17th, 2022

Zodwa Caught Mzansi’s attention after doing this on the streets, See what she was spotted doing

After the club, Zodwa Wa Bantu still have a life to live outside of the club’s to the streets in order to make a living. Zodwa Wa Bantu is a well-known lady who usually get spotted at some popular clubs around South Africa, not because she has a lot of money but due to her struggle to hustle.

Zodwa is now looking happy on her relationship with her ben10 Ricardo after she was judged by a lot of people for dating young boys. However, she wouldn’t let anyone criticize her or her young boyfriend because she was the one who chose to date them and she doesn’t want people to disrespect her decision as she respect theirs.

However, Zodwa Wa Bantu was spotted yesterday selling onions and other veggies around the streets and people applauds her for the hustle. She always make sure money comes through in a different way, but as long as money is getting in, she doesn’t care how. Zodwa is a well known personnel for stripping and performing other people songs at the gigs. She usually goes to the gig half naked so that she gets more followers and by having more followers, this only means more money to get in.

To show that her relationship with Ricardo is a little bit more serious, these two have their tattoos written each other name’s. Zodwa’s hand is written Riccardo while Riccardo’s hand is written Rebecca which is Zodwa’s name in full.

Zodwa’s cycle has been so small as she only has one child and some of her family members were not revealed as it was assumed that they hate her personality. However, one has to respect one another in terms of what brings food into table.

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