Tue. May 24th, 2022

Themba Broly, also known as ghost and Mpho wa Badimo, were seen cosy together in a video. Surely all the other cast members were also there, but Mpho and Themba looked too close. Mzansi speculated the two might be a couple now.

Big Brother Mzansi’s former housemates reunite now and then. On their first time reuniting, it was the finale of the show when Mpho was announced as the winner. A few days after that, the finalists reunited for a press briefing for the public.

Mpho was holding the camera in the video, and Themba came from behind her. Both of them looked cute and calm. One can’t miss their chemistry, though. Mpho asked Themba to greet the underground gang, and he did so. Mpho, in turn, welcomed the ghost nation.

People cannot help but remember the Mpho and Themba kiss that set tongues wagging. Both the stars kissed a bit too passionately for just housemates. People have the assumption they are an item whenever they pose together due to that kiss.

Both former housemates had solid fan bases. In the end, they were both in the finals. In the end, only Mpho and Gash remained in the top two. After Mpho’s win, there was a bit of speculation that the game was rigged. BBM, however, released the correct statistics to prove Mpho was the rightful winner.

Gash and Thato are the two former housemates who are now trying to build something solid. They both announced it in a video, and they are very hush-hush about their love. Gash, however, is a bit more vocal about Thato. When fans ask him about Thato, he gives them answers.

People say Mpho and Themba met in that house for a reason. Some say you can tell by looking at them that they are destined to be together. Whenever they meet, the rumours will resurface until they start being public about their other partners.

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