Mon. May 16th, 2022

South Africa has a kind of president who makes sure that the people I put first even though we might agree politically with a lot of other things in the area. However, the president is trying to make sure that everyone has the basic things they need, so he started the 350 social grant.

In his prayer for South Africa to become an amazing place where people can live in harmony and find their direction and solidarity, the president was very humble. Many people were surprised by how down to earth he was. It is a big problem in South Africa because this problem has been around for some time.

And colonialists tried to divide Africa, and we are still seeing bad behavior from people today. The president wanted ministers to put their hands on his head as a show of respect and admiration for his job as the head of state, making sure the country is safe.

The following are comments made by people. Well, the first thing we wanted to do was let detainees be in parliament. Now, no matter how much they keep saying that South Africa needs real leaders, they keep taking. You have no shame. Requests for the Public Defender to be harassed for just doing her job, like the past Open Defender did to the person before him. The Public Defender is just doing her job.

KZN needs your prayers, says RAMAPHOSA.

After five days, rescuers expanded their search for dozens still missing. The official death toll has now reached 395. “Let’s pray for our people in KwaZulu-Natal so that they get the healing they need so that they can get on with their lives,” he said to church members in the eastern town of Ermelo. In his speech, he said that the floods were “a disaster of huge proportions that we have never seen before in our country, that so many people can die.”

In a speech, Ramaphosa told the story of a family that lost 10 people, including children. “That was one of the saddest times I’ve ever been through, even as president,” he said during a service that was broadcast live on local TV networks. In his speech, he said that the relatives of people who died will feel the pain and suffering for a long time because they saw their loved ones get swept away by the water as they tried to hold them, but the water just took them away. Some 41,000 people have been hurt by the floods.

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