Tue. May 24th, 2022

Limpopo people are still in disbelief as they come into terms with the death of a two years old baby and her father. It is indeed true when they say that people should ensure that they get help before doing anything that harms other people. Men seem to be having a problem when it comes to problems solving skills. Instead of solving matters in a calm way they decide to use violence and that has killed many people all over the country. No matter how a person can get angry, it will always be helpful to ensure that you find peace for oneself.

A man in Limpopo painfully killed a two years old baby and hanged himself to death afterwards. It is reported that he strangled the two years old baby and attempted to kill the seven years old daughter. She was just lucky as she managed to escaped. It’s reported that he visited the two children and told the family that he is taking them to spend time with him on good friday and later called the family telling them that he would kill them. What sounded as a joke actually turned to be a reality.

It’s reported that when the police arrived where the incident happened they found the two years old baby dead and the forty years old man hanging from the tree. It is said that the mother of the children was staying in Gauteng because of work and she had already separated with him. It is alleged that the two had been having arguments through a phone as the forty years old man could not accept that it was over between them. The poor woman had already found someone else who makes her feel safe but he did not want to see her happy.

It’s sad seeing that an innocent child had to be killed in such a manner. Both parents could have tried harder to get a solution instead of involving innocent children to their matters. It’s people like him who will make women to live in fear of their lives and it’s wrong. Men should normalize getting help and refrain from being led by emotions. What is your take on this matter?

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