Tue. May 17th, 2022

Not every celebrity you see on television grew up with a rosy life, with a silver platter on their table. Some had to ‘hustle’ their way up to the top, surviving through unthinkable ways. Mama Lillian Dube is one good example.

The famous Lillian Dube is widely liked by most South Africans due to her acting prowess when acting in different Mzansi soapies.Mama Lillian Dube featured on Generations, Skwizas, Intersexions and Soul City, and undisputedly she is one character who would charm you with her acting excellence.But many people didn’t know much about Lillian’s personal life until the Downtime With Somizi first episode, which she featured on.

In a conversation with Somizi and Mara Louw during the talk show, Lillian shocked the nation after sharing one of her biggest secrets, which she bottled for long, keeping it safe from the media.

She revealed one of her darkest secrets by confirming that she was once a sex worker and she had no choice but to indulge in such business just for survival.

I am a girl from Lesotho, I have had so many jobs, I had been a domestic worker, a nurse aid, a tea girl, she said.

She added:

When you speak about prostitutes, I have been that, the children must eat, I must survive. I have done anything for survival but by the grace of God, I am now the most respected and loved actress’

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The famous actress went on to reveal that she was once a victim of sexual abuse, further shocking the Mzansi nation with how she managed to survive such traumatizing incidents without reporting or seeking help from the authorities.

Here are the reactions from the netizens after hearing about Lillian’s dark life secrets.

Bathong mam Lillian Dube just said she was a prostitute and on top of that she was rape several times #DowntimeWithSomizi-mumu_blackanese.

Bathong mam Lillian Dube just said she was a prostitute and on top of that she was rape several times #DowntimeWithSomizi

— House Of Blackanese (@mumu_blackanese) April 15, 2022

Imagine Lilian Dube as your parent.. hahaha I swear I’d never feel like I am going through the most 😅 @somizi#downtimewithzomizi

— Coach K.O. |Karabo. Oswald. (@KT_Oswald) April 15, 2022

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