Tue. May 24th, 2022

A video that has been doing rounds on social media platforms has left many people angry. This is a video of a Zimbabwean man who was caught doing the unexpected at his house. It seems like the man has been making fake identity documents to other foreign people to stay in South Africa and its clear that many were helped to be in the country illegally. He has been making a lot of money by creating fake documents for people and that is very wrong. South Africans have been complaining countless times for the government to remove them in the country as they feel threatened. 

They believe that their lives are not safe at all for as long as foreigners are in the country. This is because many have been linked to high crimes like murder, human trafficking and robberies. To the citizens they believe that they will never be safe for as long as foreigners are still in the country. South Africans have been reacting on this and they say it’s time the country really intervene on this and ensure the safety of people. 

It’s people like him who are helping some criminals to be in the country and it’s really hard for them to be found. You should also remember that if the government fails to intervene on this many South Africans are ready to take matters into their own hands. Operation Dudula members led by Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini are not taking people’s safety for granted. Ever since the operation started many foreigners have been attacked to an extent that others lost their lives. They are fed up as they see that nothing is being done at all and its wrong. 

Opinion : It’s clear that these foreigners are not really scared and with justice hardly being served they get to do as they please and it’s wrong.If they cannot send them back to their countries a harsh punishment like death penalty should be served in order to send a strong message to all those who get caught doing such. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news. 

To watch the video fully, follow the link below.

Source : https://twitter.com/Mbhape1/status/1514591602324422658?s=19

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