Fri. May 20th, 2022

Tremendous amounts of the nation’s best association shows can be found on Dstv diverts in South Africa.

Isencane Lengane, a tale about a youthful Zulu couple who got hitched while still in assistant school, was conveyed on the Moja Love channel five a long time back.

OLundi-based Siyacela Dlamuka wedded Thando Msomi, who hails from eNkandla in Kwa Zulu Natal district.

With their astounding show, they speedily got the energy for Mzansi fans the nation over. Last season finished in 2021, and Mzansi is now accepting that another will start. Isencane Lengane was playing on Saturday.

It was toward the fruition of the Isencane Lengane season last year that Thando made the statement that she was pregnant. Mzansi was invigorated and believed everything would wind up fantastic for her. Investigate what Siyacela Dlamuka was seen doing following dissipating a long time from screen and Mzansi was left flabbergasted. Siyacela was spotted singing with different ladies at any rate his life accomplice was not a lone where to be seen:

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