Fri. May 20th, 2022

Today we get to engage more about the popular musician Kelly Khumalo. She is a South African award winning musician, businesswoman and motivational speaker. She is one of the influential celebrities in South Africa with over millions of followers on her social media pages. Many people have said that her music is the best that always leave people amazed. She is one of the gospel musicians who leave people touched after every perfomance.

Although some people revealed that they are not impressed with the way she dresses she continues to do what she believes is important to her. Kelly Khumalo has proven countless times that people’s opinions about her will not be enough to bring her down. She has been accused and shamed countless times but she continues to be strong agauisnt all odds. Photos of her that she posted on social media really left people talking. This is a photo of her wearing an oversized Jean and a long pink jacket.The way people were looking at her told the masses that they were not impressed. 

Her attire really left people confusedas they were not impressed. They say she is taking fashion to another level that is more unpleasant. To the people the way she dressed is really inappropriate. People tend to forget that anyone has the right to choose what they want . What you love will not be what another person love. People need to refrain from to choosing things for others and actually let them be. It’s wrong to use social media to destroy other people instead of empowering them. The words that people get to say about another person have an impact on how they live their lives. Cyber bullying is one of the things that have led many celebrities into commiting suicide. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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