Mon. May 16th, 2022

Following the commencement of anti-immigrant attacks in South Africa, a Zimbabwean has lost his life after a violent mob that was tracking down foreigners descended on Diepsloot township, Johannesburg.

It is alleged that the deceased was stoned and set alight

According to SABC, residents in the area have accused the police of failing to tackle the high crime level.

It has also been reported that 24 undocumented immigrants, mostly Zimbabweans, have been arrested in the area.

Police spokesperson Brenda Muridili says officers are still trying to get statements from witnesses of the attack.

“I can confirm that overnight there was an incident of mob justice. Reports that we’re getting from witnesses is that there’s a small group of people that went from door to door and then when they got to this house, this young man just ran out of the house and they chased him and unfortunately he was killed.”

Last month it was reported that several people were injured following clashes between South Africans and foreign nationals in Johannesburg’s Alexandra Township.

The clashes came about after South Africans who identified themselves as part of the Dudula Movement went around forcing businesses to close their shops.

The South Africans claimed they were searching for foreign nationals employed by these businesses.

They also alleged that they were looking for business owners who did not have government approvals and valid paperwork.

The South Africans vowed to stop illegal immigrants from operating while some foreign nationals, mainly street vendors, stood their ground and refused to back down. Several people were injured after the confrontations degenerated into physical altercations.

Sometime in January, the South African government warned all foreigners who may be in the country illegally or without proper authorization to sleep with one eye open.

The SA government warned that it will be reviewing all permits and visas issued to foreigners since 2004, and action will be taken.

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