Fri. May 20th, 2022


Mzansi Is Left heartbroken after seeing sensitive Video of mad man beating up his whole family to death. The video has left many people heartbroken by the way he was reacting to his family and the rest of the community who were standing outside watching him. Mzansi has find it very funny that these community members enjoy watching other people being beaten up while they watching and taking videos.

There is a video which is currently circulating in social media leaving people heartbroken. A mad man is seen in video telling his family that he will kill them all. People were seen laughing and taking Video while the man is serious about what he is saying. 

It’s sad that community has failed to help this family and the mad man who were caught in a fight. People were seen standing while others are taking Video without helping the man. People do see that this man is crazy and his beating his family but they choose to take Video instead of helping the family to stop him.

It’s sad that there are still people who does not put the community first. The man is mad and everyone can see that. The way he beat the other two man was heartbreaking. In just one kick the man was down unconscious and helpless. People did see the woman seeking help after she tried to escape from the mad man to the community, but people failed to help the lady until the man catch her and put her down and start to beat him.

The community have failed to help the family who were in need of their help. It’s not not clear whether the man killed the two man who were the corner. He beat them with kick and left them helpless. People like these are not needed in our community. People need to protect each other. I’m sure this man wasn’t going to defeat them if they all gang up and beat him.

Watch the video and tell us what do you think of this community member. 

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