Wed. May 18th, 2022

Kwaito legend, Zola 7 has rubbished claims circulating alleging that he has 7 children.

Following reports that Zola 7 was not feeling well, there were wide spread claims that he was struggling to take care of his 7 kids.

Speaking during an interview with Tshisa Live, Zola 7 set the record straight on how many children he has. He said that he only has 2 kids that he knows of.

 “I only have two boys. OK, because I’m a kwaito artist I’m going to say, ‘The ones I know of,” he said.

Zola 7  was overwhelmed by the amount of love he received in Mpumalanga when  his brainchild, the Strictly  Kwaito Legends Festival made its comeback. He thanked his fans for supporting him.

Thank you for dragging me out of my house to come here, because I’ve been in the house for too long, I’ve been sick for too long,” he said.

Zola 7 revealed that he has 2,000 unreleased songs. He said he is making sure his children’s future is secure by creating a trust fund for them.

I am sitting comfortably on about 2,000 songs that have not been released that will become part of the trust fund for the children. We have a sh*t load of debts that need to be taken care of should something happen to me, because I have epilepsy.

“My wife and I were doing legal paperwork [last week] so that our kids are safe. Nowadays it’s easier, because, unlike being signed to a record label, you can sign yourself and protect your intellectual property,” he said.

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