Tue. May 17th, 2022

There are fears that the controversial thespian Sthembiso Khoza may take his own life after he posted a cryptic Instagram story – similar to that posted by the late entertainer Ricky Rick who committed suicide a few months ago.

Tshaka Khoza, as he is known to his fans, said: “Maybe some of us were meant to live and be great in another lifetime and this one is just not for us,” and Mzansi is alarmed over the statements after drawing similarities to Ricky Rick’s Twitter post a few hours after his untimely death.

The Queen’s Sk Khoza Threatens To End His Life After Viral Video Overdosed On Drugs

The Queen’s Sk Khoza Threatens To End His Life After Viral Video Overdosed On Drugs.

Ricky Rick had tweeted: “I’ll return a stronger man, this world is still my home.”

This was after the thespian was caught on 4k dazed on substances and hurling insults at hotel staff members.

The undated incident is thought to have happened over the past weekend at an unnamed location in South Africa.

Fans assume the actor overdosed on drugs when the incident happened. He has been caught on camera snorting substances before, so it wasn’t a surprise for his fans to find him in such a situation – many said.

The troubled actor’s past has finally caught up with him. His bad-boy record during his time as one of the head actors on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen called for him to be canceled on social media and ultimately leading to the loss of his job in the same show.

SK Khoza also made headlines last year after his fiancee alleged that he had been abusive to her. The actor quickly confirmed the allegations and asked for people’s forgiveness.

But this was one, among many of his bad publicity stunts that could have contributed to his recent fall from grace.

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