Fri. May 20th, 2022

Wonders never cease to amaze when it comes to The Queen’s and controversial actor, SK Khoza. The controversial actor is topping the trends after his heavily drunk video floods social media.

SK Khoza is making headlines trying to take one white man at what seems to be a hotel. In recent months he has been making headlines from abuse allegations to being an on-screen problem child.

The Queen actor SK Khoza - Source: Instagram@skkhoza
The Queen actor SK Khoza – Source: [email protected]

In the viral video, The Queen actor was heavenly drunk and was trying to take the man head-on. He went around the premises without wearing any shoes shouting, do you know me. A security officer had to intervene in the brawl to ease the situation. Onlookers could be heard lashing out at SK Khoza’s lousy behaviour. The video was shared with entertainment commentator Phil Mphela.

However, the viral video has since thrust Khoza into the top trends in things. He has been implicated in not only one but countless off-screen woes. A few months ago, he saw himself being axed from The Queen by Mzansi Magic after being involved in a gender-based violence case with her then-fiancee.

Heavily drunk, The Queen actor SK Khoza causes commotion at a restaurant

Rumour mill has it that their affair went south when SK assaulted and almost left her for dead. Khoza was nabbed and even slept behind bars. In the backdrop of his assault case, he was once nabbed for violating Covid-19 regulations after he hosted a super spreader party.

Despite being Connie Ferguson’s darling, The Queen showrunners were forced to cut him loose after Mzansi Magic issued a directive for his exit. Since his exit from The Queen, he has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. On several occasions, he has been spotted drunk and wasted. No doubt, in the backdrop of the latest viral video Mzansi has weighed into the matter with its two cents.

Mzansi was more than convinced that he was on drugs from the monkey jumps, horse voice, and continued sniffs. Several comments that flooded social media insisted that he should get the much-needed help before things got worse. However, in the mix of things, SK Khoza hasn’t weighed into the matter of the viral video.

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