Tue. May 24th, 2022

South African musician Makhadzi shut down Harare over the weekend with her impressive electric performance.

Men Dressed As Women Spotted At Makhadzi JamAfro Festival Show

One of the men spotted at Makhadzi’s show -Yamikani (Image Credit: H-Metro)

However, there were dramatic scenes at the JamAfro Festival as men dressed as women were also spotted at the show.

According to H-Metro, from a distance, the men looked like women dressed up as females with their dresses, make-up, lipstick, and wigs on

One of the men was even spotted leaving a toilet reserved for women.

Speaking on this incident, one of the show-goers who met one of the men entering a toilet reserved for women said that it was unfair for these men to be using female toilets arguing that these men were violating their privacy as women.

“We could not ask but meeting a man, dressed like a woman in a toilet reserved for women, scares us and even compromises our privacy as women.

“We cannot violate their rights to dress the way they want but for some of them, to even use the toilets reserved for us is a bit unfair,” she said.

Among the men, who were dressed like women at the show, was one identified only as Yamikani who refused to open up on why he was dressed in a women’s attire.

“I am not in a position to comment on the reason why I was wearing that attire but my legal team are the ones who can give you that comment,” he said.

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