Wed. May 18th, 2022

Michelle Mavundla, also known as Mpho Wabadimo, which means the gift to the Gods, won Big Brother Mzansi season 3 last night. Many people were rooting for her, but several people did not expect her to win. After winning her hometown, Daveyton was a boon, with celebrations on every corner. People were excited for the young lady as she had reached an incredible milestone in her life.

Brief bio and behaviour in the house

She was born on the 8th of August in the year 1994. She is a traditional healer and a spiritual teacher who teaches people about ‘ idlozi ‘, meaning ancestors. On the show, she played her own game and minded her business. She was chilled and didn’t make many friendships. Mpho spoke her truth and shared so much wisdom her diary sessions.

An unexpected twist in the Season finale

In the season finale, three finalists are Mpho, Gash and Themba. Many South Africans didn’t expect gash to win or be in the top three. One of the nation’s favourite Themba was expected to take the win. After the votes were counted, Themba was evicted from the Big Brother house. Two contestants were left remaining; Mpho and Gash.

Mpho Wabadimo becomes the first female to win the Big Brother Mzansi
Mpho Wabadimo becomes the first female to win the Big Brother Mzansi. Image: Mzansi Magic

Mzansi was stunned as it was not expected. Perhaps Mpho and Themba were a more predicted top two, but Gash and Mpho remained. At that moment, it could’ve been anyone’s game, so it was pretty unpredictable. Mpho got the most votes, and she was announced as the winner. She was beaming with excitement and tears of joy.

Mzansi reacts

People started congratulating her online. Her pictures were posted across most social media platforms. Some people, however, decided to joke about how it could’ve been the work of her ancestors. Many people resurfaced and showed how they kept voting for her, especially in the final hour.

Daveyton did not sleep

Her home town was buzzing with excitement. People were outside screaming ” Thokoza “, which is used to greet traditional healers. Others were calling her name. A lot of festivities were held to celebrate the queen. Cars were spinning, people were drinking, and it went on for hours.

Watch: Mpho Wabadimo’s hometown celebrates her Big Brother Mzansi win

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