Tue. May 17th, 2022

Mzansi Shocked As King Monada Is Ready To Give His Million-dollar Mansion To The Community

Writing on Twitter, the South African talented musician ascertained that he is ready to give back his house to the community if Cassper Nyovest wins in the coming boxing match between him, Cassper and NaakMusiq. See picture below:

Last week King Monada was already trending for the wrong reasons. The lavish estate is already giving him more drama than he thought. Rumour mill has it that one of the constructors assigned to make the Limpopo mansion a beauty is heading to the courts after King Monada failed to settle the amount they agreed on.

We can all agree that the mansion is a beauty and was neatly built, and its modern design makes it outstanding. But despite all being said, it seems as if Monada is struggling to pay off builders for their services, and they have turned to the courts. The rich and famous soft lives are always capped with drama we can’t get enough of.

King Monada shows off complete double storey house and cars (Sources Twitter/King Monada)
King Monada shows off a complete double-storey mansion (Sources Twitter/King Monada)

According to Daily Sun, celebrated designer and builder Thabo Maake will take his payment fallout matters with Monada to the courts after the two disagreed. According to Maake, Monada could not pay him the total settlement as per their agreement and is now trying to settle the remaining balance.

Drama as constructor takes King Monada to court over unpaid services for million-dollar mansion

Thabo was contracted to build balustrades on the mansion’s balcony. However, he was also hired to do the stairs, and the entire contract totalled R81 470. In the mix of things, he allegedly got paid R29 000. Thabo has it that he now wants the remaining R52 470.

King Monada double-storey mansion (Sources Twitter/King Monada)
King Monada double-storey mansion (Sources Twitter/King Monada)

Despite topping the trends in the wake of these daring allegations, King Monada is yet to address the issue behind. Maake says that he couldn’t finish the job because he didn’t have the money to complete it. However, in the backdrop of King Monada’s house warming party, it was evidenced that someone had met the job.

He has been nabbed for failing to find the courage and clear his debts on several occasions. A few months ago, he saw himself hogging the headlines for the wrong reasons after one of his expensive BMW rides was repossessed by the police after he failed to pay for it.

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