Wed. May 18th, 2022

Somizi has warned her acquaintances to not even attempt sending money to his number because it has been hacked. The hacker will attempt to extort cash from Somizi’s friends and family so he warned them to not send money to that number.

This growing and frightening trend of hacking celebrities is concerning as we have seen a number of ZAlebs warning people to not fall for the hackers tricks. Somizi is just the latest celebrity to experience this devastating trend.


Somizi said, “Warning, my number has been hacked again…Do not send money to anyone

One thing I will never get tired of is supporting local brands…whether we are friends or not…..this one here is a proud moment for me…..this mall @hpchydeparkcorner used to be 100% non black store owned….for the longest time…..and when it eventually happened it was only accessible to those of you who were already muscled….and today when I saw this my heart was filled with excitement…[email protected] go go go, You’re an inspiration,” he expressed proudly.

Then Somizi warned people who vilify black owned businesses for being too expensive. He said if people can afford them, they should support, but if they cannot, they should not.

“And to my fellow BLACKS…lets please stop this thing of expecting local products and brands to be cheap just because they’re local or black….if its good quality and you can afford support if its expensive for you move on swiftly without bashing it and go get what’s affordable for you.”

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