Tue. May 17th, 2022

It seems like this week has been one full of drama, especially from celebrities who work in the entertainment industry. One of the most trending stories currently is about what happened at the Oscars when Will Smith stood up for his wife after a horrible joke was made about her health condition, which made her lose her hair from Chris Rock, which resulted in going on stage to slap him for the disrespect. 

Often times, it seems like people forget that celebrities are also humans who have normal human emotions and sometimes they express them in the same way that a normal person does, but because of who they are in society, people expect them to suppress their emotions and not act the same way an unknown person would usually act.

This is usually before celebrities are held to a higher standard and whatever they do leads to more consequences than a normal individual would experience. Sometimes they can’t hold their frustration, especially when it comes from fans. The well-

known and loved Limpopo artist King Monads, who is known for releasing a lot of music that many people enjoy, has resulted in him being in the spotlight and being recognised as a celebrity in the country. A video trended of him that left many in shock. King Monada was out performing for his fans when one of his fans did the unthinkable by grabbing his private parts. 

And King Monada reacted by slapping the fan after he grabbed him. Many people were left in shock by Ming Monada slapping the fan. Some people felt like the fan violated King Monada and that he could easily press charges against him for doing what he did. 

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