Tue. May 17th, 2022

A few days ago, she made all sorts of headlines when she became the first women and African act to fill up a stadium in Botswana and all performing at the event alone. However, her touchdown in Botswana saw the multi-award-winning musician Makhadzi get a royal welcome as she headlined the Only Women Show at Royal A Stadium in Tlokweng.

Instead of celebrating her big wins and her newfound fame in Botswana, Makhadzi has been embroiled in some daring court cases. She is yet to receive millions from the sold-out show after a local Botswana promoter refused to sign off the millions from ticket sales.

Open Mic Productions has even engaged the top lawyers, and the rumour mill has it that the matter is before the courts. Botswana Gilbert ‘PP’ wa Pimp, who had a contract to take charge of the show, is now demanding more proceeds from the sold-out show.

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Gilbert ‘PP’ wa Pimp is claiming that the contract should be reviewed because whiskey signed the contract, not him. The renowned promoter has it that Open Mic Productions management intoxicated him before tricking him into signing the contract whilst he was in South Africa. The matter is heading to the courts after the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

Now Open Mic Productions and Gilbert ‘PP’ wa Pimp will have to go head-on on what happened and disclose agreements. Gilbert ‘PP’ wa Pimp will have to prove to the courts that he was indeed blindsided during the signing of the contracts.

Makhadzi and Open Mic Productions have several shows across Africa, from Zimbabwe to Nigeria, but haven’t hogged the headlines for the wrong reasons. However, before her performance, the most sort after South African act revealed that 10% of the revenue from the show would be issued to charities across Botswana that need financial assistance. This is undoubtedly the first time Open Mic Productions have had problems with show promoters, and it seems as if Gilbert ‘PP’ wa Pimp wants to take more than they agreed on.

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