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Makhadzi’s One Woman Show: A Storm Brewing As Botswana Promoter Refuses To Release Monies 

Makhadzi's One Woman Show: A Storm Brewing As Botswana Promoter Refuses To Release Monies 

Over the weekend, Makhadzi made history in a foreign country after filling a stadium in Botswana Following her One woman show.

Congratulatory messages have since been pouring in for the Matorokisi hitmaker.

However, according to a former journalist and reporter Daniel Kenosi, Botswana’s music and entertainment promoter Gilbert ‘PP’ wa Pimp has refused to release monies made during the One Woman Show.

This is because he wishes certain rights to be amended on the contracts relating to shares.

Taking to his Facebook page, Kenosi wrote:


The just ended Makhadzi 1 woman show real owners are likely to drag Botswana promoter, PP over shares.

The show is owned by Open Mic Productions who “employ” Makhadzi.

Open Mic is owned by musician Zanda, businessmen Lionel Jamela and Molau Rammala.

PP was engaged to take care of the event and apparently signed off high shares but now wants to change. He is the one holding rights to ticket sale funds in Botswana and won’t sign out the millions.

Those close to him reveal that his argument is that when Open Mic flew him to Durban they served him drinks and made him sign under the influence. Whisky is the one that signed and not him so he wants to change because he is now sober.

South Africans want their money and leave. The court likely to decide and PP will have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that at the time of signing he was under the whisky influence.

Makhadzi held a one-woman show at the Royal Aria Stadium in Tlokweng on Saturday, 26 March.

Pictures and videos from the event have since gone viral on social media.

Makhadzi could not hide her joy when she took to her Twitter page and thanked Botswana for showing her love.

She wrote:

I made it in a foreign country. BOTSWANA THANKS FOR SHOWING ME LOVE.

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