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In Pictures: Makhadzi Fills Up A Stadium In Botswana

Pics: Makhadzi Fills Up A Stadium In Botswana

Following Makhadzi’s recent show in Botswana, many people are proud of her after she filled up a stadium in a foreign country.

Makhadzi held a one-woman show at the Royal Aria Stadium in Tlokweng on Saturday, 26 March.

Pictures and videos from the event have since gone viral on social media. Congratulatory messages have also been pouring in for the singer.

Pics: Makhadzi Fills Up A Stadium In Botswana

Makhadzi could not hide her joy when she took to her Twitter page and thanked Botswana for showing her love.

She wrote:

I made it in a foreign country. BOTSWANA THANKS FOR SHOWING ME LOVE.

@maverickvaks wrote:

Only in the era of Brenda Fassie and Yvonne Chakachaka, but now #Makhadzi is a 🐐 of them all. #SAMA can’t see it but Africa is a witness. From the poor streets of #Venda and she is shaking Africa. #makhadziOnewomanshow history was made I’m #Botswana.

@MatselaS wrote:

Jeolosy down let give Makhadzi a bell for been the first SAns musician to fill Botswana international stadium solo…..

The Limpopo-born South African musician recently confessed that Botswana loves her more than her own country of birth.

Makhadzi revealed this after she was honoured in Botswana by the country’s leadership as well as royals of the Batlokwa tribe.

She was given the full presidential treatment ahead of her One Woman Show that was billed for Tlokweng, Botswana, over the weekend.

Multitudes of women graced the event dressed in shawls and leteisi (Setswana Traditional attire). Makhadzi attended the event dressed in the same Setswana traditional attire.

The Matorokisi star was showered with various gifts by the Tlokweng Village elders and royals who commended her prodigious talent and work ethic.

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