Tue. May 17th, 2022

Is there trouble in paradise already in the moisane household? I mean not so long ago Shawn Mkhize and her daughter in law Tamia Mpisane were daughter in law and mother in law goals. The two was constantly showing each other love on social media, you would swear they are besties. Well with what just happened, we are not sure anymore.

As usual, Shawn Mkhize took to her social media to share that she has decided to take a small trip to Limpopo just for vibes. Everyone was excited for her because we know that when MaMkhize goes on a vacation it is always a vibe as she will keep the content coming.

Well, what struck out attention was when her daughter in law tamia mpisane commented on her post and told her how much she cannot wait for the content from her. She went as far as to put that emoji with the two hearts but guess what? The unfortunate happened as MaMkhize chose to not to reply to that comment she just left it.like that, not even a simple thank you nothing. What is even more tricky is the fact that all this happened Publicly as it happens on Instagram

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