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Muvhango’s Chief Azwindini And Mulalo To Join Makhadzi On Her Botswana One Woman Show

Muvhango's Chief Azwindini And Mulalo To Join Makhadzi On Her Botswana One Woman Show
Image Credit: Makhadzi Facebook

Muvhango’s cast members Chief Azwindini and Mulalo are set to join Makhadzi on her Botswana one-woman show.

Powerhouse musician Makhadzi will be performing her very own one-woman show in Gaborone, Botswana on 26 March(today) and Gabriel Temudzani, who plays the role of Vhafuwi (Chief Azwindini) and Hangwani Ramakuwela who plays the role of  Mulalo on Muvhango will be joining her on this much-anticipated show.

Taking to Facebook to announce the development Makhadzi wrote;

In a venda culture a queen doesn’t travel alone . My brothers they will be celebrating this day with me .

Are you ready for Gabriel Temudzani ( Vhafuwi from Muvhango) and Hangwani Ramakuwela (mulalo from muvhango) #painyajelousEP #makhadzi1womanshow

The award-winning musician will be hosting her first one-woman show at Royal Aria Stadium. Makhadzi is going to be donating 10% of the profits to a charity in Botswana.

Makhadzi who is already in Botswana for the concert was in awe with the full presidential treatment she received when she arrived ahead of her Show. She was honoured in Botswana by the country’s leadership as well as royals of the Batlokwa tribe.

The Batlokwa tribe held an elaborate function to honour Makhadzi on Wednesday. The event which was attended by a Botswana government minister was held at the Tlokweng Main Kgotla.

Makhadzi was showered with various gifts by the Tlokweng Village elders and royals who commended her prodigious talent and work ethic. They spoke glowingly of how Makhadzi is influencing the youth positively across the continent with her music.

Taking to social media, Makhadzi tearfully revealed that she was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. Makhadzi confessed that she gets the most love from Botswana and that she has never received such love from her birth nation of South Africa.

“I express my gratitude to the leaders of this country for allowing me to have my show here, Botswana is the only country that has shown me so much love even more than my own country. I want to reach out to the younger ones…” said Makhadzi

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