Wed. May 18th, 2022

South Africans have shown up in numbers to defend local actress Khanyi Mbau after a UK woman shared before and after pictures of the actress’ skin bleaching process and called it “embarrassing”. Many people headed to the comment section to slam the women for judging Khanyi’s decision to bleach her skin – especially because her Twitter handle reads “protect black girls and women”.


It has been a rough couple of days on Twitter for South African media personality Khanyi Mbau who has found herself at the top of the trending list ever since her Netflix reality TV show Young, Famous and African aired on Netflix.

First Khanyi was blasted by an American influencer for the poor quality of her wigs and now she is being slammed by a UK woman because she bleached her skin.

Taking to Twitter on 23 March this year, the woman with the handle @thetwerkinggirl shared a photo of Khanyi before she started bleaching her skin and another of her after the process was complete.

“Absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, it’s embarrassing af,” she captioned the post.


Within a very short period of time, the post went viral and soon South Africans were flocking to the comment section to slam the woman behind the tweet.

The comments became too much for the woman who even changed her privacy settings on the app. Read some of them below:

@Chase45_ said:

“Oh God another fake woke black girl, just mind your fvkin business and let people do whatever the fvk they want with their bodies. You black people are problematic af stfu and live your life, you’re not a melanin God #YoungFamousAfrican #YoungFamousAndAfrican”

@RetangRiri said:

“I believe one doesn’t have a right to condemn skin bleaching whilst wearing western-influenced fake hair. Just because your issue is more socially acceptable doesn’t make it better. Both of y’all are suffering from the same thing…”

Others however agreed with the woman and shared their thoughts on skin bleaching, the dangers thereof and how it impacts women all over the world.

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