Wed. May 18th, 2022

Makhadzi’s fans were left confused today after the star hosted an uncaptioned Facebook Livestream where she donned traditional gear usually worn by brides during traditional wedding ceremonies. She was in the company of women dressed in the same gear too.

Is Makhadzi Getting Married? Fans Left Confused After Unclear Facebook Livestream

Is Makhadzi Getting Married? Star pictured wearing traditional gear for brides in Botswana

Makhadzi is currently in Botswana where she is set to perform one of her many One Woman Shows in different regions of that country.

iAfrica24 would like to exclusively reveal that Makhadzi, who is rumored to be in a romantic relationship with a fellow Limpopian Master KG, is not getting married in the Facebook live streams she held on Wednesday morning.

Makhadzi is currently in Botswana’s capital Gaborone.

She was invited as a special guest to one of the capital’s peri-urban settlements called Tlokweng. The South East District Council was holding a special Clean Up Campaign event that was spearheaded by one of the women’s organizations in that part of the city.

While the women’s uniforms are seen as national regalia for Pedi women going through traditional wedding ceremonies in South Africa; they are, however, seen as a basic uniform by Botswana women heading the Tlokweng clean-up campaign.

And, Makhadzi being a special guest during the event, respectfully donned the regalia in support of the women.

She is not getting married anytime soon.

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