Mon. May 16th, 2022

Who is Gugu’s sister from Muvhango

Muvhango actress Bukamina Cebekhulu who plays the character of Gugu on the SABC2 soapie is going to watch her sister Nomasonto live her life. 

Gugu’s sister Nomasonto escaped from a KwaZulu-Natal mental institution to Johannesburg to reunite with her CEO sister Gugu. 

Gugu will not believe her when she tells her that they’re related because her family withheld the secret from her. 

Nomasonto is going to fancy Gugu’s life when she reconnects with her and she will steal her life. 

Her new friend Rosemary will assist her to kidnap Gugu so that she can live her life. 

People in Gugu’s life won’t notice these changes as it appears that Nomasonto looks like Gugu. 

Viewers will see Nomasonto moving to Thate to live with her boyfriend Azwindini. 

Nomasonto will ask Azwindini to elope with her because she doesn’t want him to find out about her true identity. 

Who is Rosemary?

The SABC 2 soapie introduced their latest cast – Rosemary this week played by actress Gugulethu Mzobe. 

Gugulethu currently plays the character of Nomsa in Imbewu: The Seed.

The nurses at the mental institution revealed that staff members assisted Nomasonto in escaping from the institution. 

Rosemary might be the staff member who befriended her while she was inside and assisted her to escape. 

She will also assist Nomasonto to kidnap Gugu and living her life.

There is no connection between Gugu and Rosemary.

Why Muvhango viewers have never supported Gugu and Azwindini’s relationship?

Gugu was dating Azwindini’s son Vutshilo before she dated and got engaged to Azwindini. 

She is literally the homewrecker that broke Susan and Azwindini’s marriage. She convinced Azwindini to file for divorce because she didn’t want to share him with Susan. 

She turned Susan into a villain who bewitched Azwindini and chased his family out of the royal house. 

Viewers want Azwi and Gugu to break up because they believe that Gugu cannot build her house out of other women’s misery.

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