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Khanyi Mbau’s Parenting Divides Mzansi After Saying Daughter Khanukani Is Free To Lose Virginity

Khanyi Mbau's Parenting Divides Mzansi After Saying Daughter Khanukani Is Free To Lose Virginity
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The Wife actress Khanyi Mbau’s parenting style has come under intense scrutiny following the first episode of Netflix’s new reality show “Young, Famous and African”, which premiered on Friday.

In the debut episode of “Young, Famous and African” Khanyi revealed that her 15-year-old daughter Khanukani, affectionately known as Khanz, lives alone in her own apartment.

The vivacious media personality also raised eyebrows when she revealed that Khanukani is free to lose her virginity any time she wants. Said Khanyi,

“We allow Khanz to be herself; if she wants to try stuff, I mean anything… we let her try it. Cause we want to see who this person is.

“Virginity can be lost, or it can be stolen. So lost is when you are ready, and it is a boy you think you are going to marry, you give it away. You love this guy; you are 15, you think you are going to marry him… you give it away. “

This advice appears to be dividing Mzansi. Some accused Khanyi of being too lose and claimed that her parenting style goes against African tradition, which promotes chastity in unmarried women.

Others, however, applauded Khanyi for seemingly moving with the times and allowing her daughter to find her own way in life. They also argued that there is no universal parenting style, and everyone should be left to their own.

Khanyi Mbau's Parenting Divides Mzansi Over Virginity Advice To Daughter Khanukani
Khanyi Mbau’s Parenting Divides Mzansi Over Virginity Advice To Daughter Khanukani


Stop trashing Khanyi Mbau mothering skills . Your lifestyle is not the same. It’s like sons going to stay koBack Room elokishini. All y’all need to take an L and relax.
She has really close relationship with her daughter.


When I heard #KhanyiMbau say her 15 y/o daughter stays by herself (next door), I was like yhooo. And then I remembered that I was 15 and staying with my cousin (who was also in high school). And we turned out well.


If khanyi mbau parenting style work for her who I’m i to judge? Cheers to daughter living next door.


I can’t let my 15-year-old daughter live alone sha, but I won’t judge anyone’s parenting style either; that’s why we need to understand boundaries. Annie should have said her bit and let it go. It’s Khanyi’s party…


Alafu huyo dem wa South Africa mwenye anaitwa Khanyi Mbau is an example of bad parenting. That lady is very bitchy!!!
How can you rent an apartment for a 15 year old surely?


I have loved Khanyi Mbau’s parenting. It’s not the norm but it’s real. She is vulnerable with her daughter, they seem to be friends. Ebu niendelee kuona udaku. She is also an interesting creature, asks what we are thinking.


Khanyi Mbau revealed that she told her daughter that there is no age to losing her virginity on an episode of ‘Young, Famous & African.’. Grateful she is not my mother


There’s nothing unlawful with @MbauReloaded saying that her 15-year daughter may break her virginity.The Age-Of-Consent for a girl is 12 but with someone(male) not over 16 and not below 14.If over 15 then the boy will be a ‘rapist’,then if under 14,the daughter is a rapist.


Khanyi Mbau calls bad parenting being liberal, ok.

What do you think of Khanyi Mbau’s parenting style?

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