Mon. May 16th, 2022

Musician and model Tinotenda ‘Tino’ Chinyani caused quite a stir on social media when he posted a series of wedding photos on Friday 18 March. Having separated from the mother of son, actress Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Ngema, in September 2021, tweeps were already questioning if he perhaps moved on too quickly.


However, the woman photographed with Tino as his bride moved swiftly to debunk rumours she had gotten married. Sadia Sallie, who is a also a model, made it clear that all of this was a publicity stunt that she was not even aware of.

“I definitely did not get married. I am a model. Don’t allow big corporations to intimidate you to agree to anything you’re not comfortable with.”

– Saddia wrote.
The model, who said that she is protecting her name, brand and relationships, said that she does not care about clout.

“… I am big on consent. I don’t agree to this publicity stunt and was in the dark that any of this would happen,” she explained.

In addition she highlighted that it was all a bridal shoot, and in future she’ll put herself first because her concerns and requests were ignored this time.

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Meanwhile, Tino has kept the images up and Twitter folk have responded negatively to the revelation that this was all for “clout”.

“This story is bizarre and embarrassing,” a tweep said.

Another tweep wrote: “This is so tacky of him, people are so obsessed with clout and trending that they’d put others personal relationships on the line. Sies.”

While someone else said: “They didn’t even tag her anywhere. They were definitely trying to orchestrate a PR stunt from the onset, with the guests and all of that. I’m glad she didn’t just go with it.”

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