Mon. May 16th, 2022

Cyberbullying is not a light matter. It needs to be taken seriously as it does have a lot of dangerous effects on the victim. Moreover, it disturbs the peace of mind of a person. Many people are known to experience depression after they are cyberbullied.

Cyber bullying is another serious problem that has to be heavily attended In South Africa, Because it appears to be working very closely with the angel of death because it has led to many suicide. We’ve seen the likes of Riky Rick and Patrick shai, taking their lives because of cyberbullying and now a young cute boy has joined them.

This morning, we woke up to the terrible news of the passing of Bokang Pitso, who is believed to have ended his own life on Friday after years of being bullied by other children at school. 

The terrible news was revealed by the boy’s auntie, Pabi Kgotso who wants serious action to be taken against those who has hurt or bullied his niece.

Pabi Kgotso wrote to the press saying that her niece took a very hard decision to end his life on Friday. Shesaid that the boy saw it fit to end it after an incident which happened at school, she also said that she doesn’t understand kids who find joy in oppressing others.

She wrote: “#STOP BULLYING ,My 12 year old nephew made one of the hardest decisions a person can take. To live or not to live. He decided this world was a bit too much for him. Bokang Pitso took his own life this past Friday after an incident took place at school. 

For the life of me I never understand how some kids can be so mean and find joy in tormenting others.”

She also revealed that there’s a lot which happened on Friday, but what hurts more is the fact that his niece died. He also revealed that there’s an open case against the kids and the school. 

However the saddest part is that the boy hanged himself up which is a very painful way to die.

“There is so much that happened this past Friday but due to the fact that a case is still open I can say much. But what I do know Friday ended with Bokang dead. I am angry, hurt and devastated. 

My 6 year old niece found him hanging. I am not ok. My family is not ok.”

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