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Qwabe Twins is a South African Afro-pop duo formed in KwaZulu-Natal consisting of two identical twins Virginia and Viggy Qwabe. They were contestant on season 15 of the Idols South Africa. Q Twins signed a record deal with Afrotaiment Records, released their debut studio album The Gift of Love (2020).

Despite starring in more than ten drama series, celebrated star actress Kholeka Qwabe remains one of the most reserved actresses in Mzansi. It might sound like a joke, but little is known about her private life, even age and where she comes from. Mzansi has managed to try and connect the dots when it comes to her personal life, but they have hit a dead-end in the mix of things.

In the mix of her Lingashoni – Season 1 on-screen character of Mrs Thabethe, Mzansi has managed to sneak into her private life. Despite making all sorts of headlines with her Kholeka Qwabe name, the bubbly actress is also known as Kholeka Dakada.

The seasoned South African actress is best known for her on-screen character of Phumi in SABCs drama series Sokhulu and Partners. Against the backdrop of her newfound fame in 2008, she has won big.

The bubbly actress hogged headlines when she was part of theatre plays such as The Third Coming and Tshepang dominated the globe even had slated performances in Australia and England. She went on to play a recurring role of Nurse Audrey in etvs drama series Scandal!. No doubt, she is enjoying her fair share of fame from the backdrop of Lingashoni’s character.

Is Lingashoni actress Mrs Thabethe ‘Kholeka Qwabe’ mother to Qwabe Twins?
However, she has been rumoured to be related to Afro-fusion music duo Qwabe Twins in the mix of things. The two identical twins, Viggy and Virginia Qwabe had their shot to fame when they participated in Idols SA.

They were tagged along with DJ Tira in their controversial exit, who signed them under his record label Afrotaiment. Their smash hit Hamba saw them become one of Mzansi finest duos, and they also have accolades to show for it.

The two were brought up in a Christian family, and their father happens to be the founder of the Pure Freedom Christ. However, little is known if they are related in real life or just similarities in surnames. Unconfirmed sources have it that she might be the mother to the bubbly musicians.

However, of interest is that they also share striking resemblances and talent. In their profiles, Kholeka Qwabe has been implicated even give her fame. Kholeka also doubles as a celebrated singer, and on the other hand, the Qwabe Twins recently spread their wings to small screens. In the wake of the daring rumours both Kholeka and Qwabe Twins have responded to the rumour.

The Qwabe twins have continued to find fame within and outside the South African music industry following their spectacular outing in season 15 of Idols SA. Professionally known as Q twins, Virginia and Viggy Qwabe became an overnight sensation through their performances on the reality show and since then, they have never slowed down or taken a break from lifting their young career to a greater height.

The sisters do not only share a striking resemblance but also have amazing personalities that have won them a massive social media following across several platforms. Who are the Qwabe twins and what have they been up to lately? Let’s find out.

The Qwabe Twins Were Born In KwaZulu-Natal
The Qwabe twins is a sensational band made up of two beautiful sisters with amazing voices. The Afro-pop duo was born in KwaZulu-Natal province, precisely in Nonoti, which is close to Stanger. Their parents gave birth to them in the year 1997, however, the exact month and date they were born are yet to be publicized.

Though the sisters are professionally known as Qwabe Twins, their real names are Virginia Qwabe and Viggy Qwabe. They were raised in their hometown of KwaZulu-Natal, where their love for music began when they were still kids. It is not known if the sisters have siblings as they haven’t shared information about their family background or family members with the public.

The only known family member of theirs is their father. The identity and whereabouts of their mother are still under the radar and it appears they are not in a hurry to disclose her identity or any information relating to her life.

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