Wed. May 18th, 2022

The Qwabe twins posted a picture with DJ Tira on Facebook. In the picture the twins looked beautiful as always but people noticed something strange. The reason why I chose the word strange is because, the Qhwabe twins are high class people and are filthy rich, which is why something like this is very strange when it happens to people of their caliber. Here is the image that left people talking. 

If you look at the picture above, the Qhwabe twins are well dressed and looking beautiful but there’s the circled part which is the main reason why people are talking. Their upper body is okay and they applied makeup on their faces but of course, rich as they are they have to hire makeup artists. The reason why people are talking about this is because they noticed poor makeup on the Qhwabe twins. Their legs do not match their upper body in terms of makeup quality.

This is something that doesn’t happen always. Some people on Facebook left their thoughts on this, read the comments below:

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