Fri. May 20th, 2022

Generations The Legacy actors Lucy Diale and Mrekza Makhafola have attempted the most talked-about scene from The Wife.

The scene these two attempted involves Khanyi Mbau and Mondli Makhoba, who play the roles of Zandile and Nkosana, who are also a couple in the hit series.

The two actors portray the roles of Lucy Diale and Mrekza Makhafola on the Soapie. Lucy and Mrekza are a married couple.

Khanyi and Mondli broke the internet when videos of their explicit scenes from The Wife started making rounds on social media on Thursday. These videos have single-handedly destroyed the internet since they were released.

Manaka Ranaka
Manaka Ranaka: Image Credit @Istagram

Lucy and Mrekza also want to be a part of this craze.

Kobe took to his Instagram page and attempted to reenact the scenes with hilarious results.
Fans responded with laughing emojis to this video and mentioned how @tywyza, his handle on Instagram, did not have upper body strength.

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In the video, Kopa attempts to lift Manaka several times but fails dismally; finally giving up, he puts her down on the bench nearby. Kopa then sits down, looking like he is in severe agony while Manaka watches on in complete despair.

Kope Makgae
Kope Makgae: Image source @Instagram

Mrekza captioned the video “after watching @The Wife Showmax.”

As you all know, The Wife has become a phenomenon in the Country for its hard-hitting storylines and cutting edge storytelling. The series has also opened up the industry to new actors who have been given lead roles in the story.
Showmax uploads new episodes of the series every Thursday.

Manaka also commented on this video, saying.
“@tswyza the things you make me dooooo”, also adding laughing emojis.

On Generations The Legacy, Lucy and Mrekza are in a loving amid turbulent marriage that sometimes brings in a bit of comedy relief in the Soapie.

The couple has seen and gone through the ups and downs of marriage together, and they have also been certified couple goals. We certainly can’t get enough of them.

Kope Makgae keeps his fans entertained on his Instagram page with the hilarious videos he posts from time to time.
This video is no different; it was made with fun in mind and was met precisely that way.

Catch Manaka and Kope as Lucy and Mrekza every weeknight on SABC1 on Generations The Legacy.

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