Fri. May 20th, 2022

Fans of the eTV channel will be delighted, while at the same time be saddened about their favourite shows.

The eTV has revealed that they are making some new changes as from next month, April. This will see a new show being added and this means that a popular weekdays Telenovela, Imbewu will move from its regular slot.

Currently Imbewu airs at 21:30 on weekdays but as from April 11, it will shift to the new timeslot which is 21:00.

The new show which is called, The Black Door helmed by Mandla N will premiere on April 11. This show is full of adult content and it depicts the world of prostitution. It has been described as raunchy, provocative, dark, risquè and graphic with lots of nudity. This show will have an age restriction of 16 as it is full of raunchy scenes. This show is headlined by seasoned actors with the likes of Zamani Mbatha, Thobani Nzuza and Linda Sebezo.

At the same time eTV confirmed that Imbewu is doing well on viewership therefore it will return for the fifth season.

Other shows which have been given a greenlight to return for another season, it’s Scandal, which has been airing for close to 20 years now. The new Telenovela, House of Zwide which started last year in July after the end of Rhythm City,will also return for another season.

It is normal for TV channel to cancel the show despite having only one season that it has played. We just saw Mnet cancelling Lingashoni which only had one season.

Unfortunately, an American soap, Days of Our lives, has reached end of the road. eTV announced that it will not be renewing their contract.

This soap once started to be on SABC 1 many years ago, from the 90s to the 2000s until it moves to SABC 3 and then it moved to eTV. Now, it has been cancelled on it. It is not clear as to which channel will Days of our lives now air.

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