Mon. May 16th, 2022

Students from the University of Pretoria got married after knowing each other for three weeks. They have officially got married yesterday and many people are surprised by their marriage on social media comments. It is their choice to get married, even though there are many things being highlighted in the comment section and others are not against their decision to get married.

They could wait for themselves to graduate first, before going to the marriage office to sign and then get their marriage certificate. It would be a problem if they found themselves having a baby and did not get support from both their parents’ families. It is not the first time people are getting married and they are still going to get married.

What the challenges people have highlighted are not stopping anyone from getting married. If two people want to get married, it is their choice, but when they are in need of help, you should be able to help them and not tell them about the advice that won’t work at that moment. They are being practical, but it is not good to insinuate they won’t be successful in their marriage.

Some people do not want to get married and they would be discouraging other people from getting into marriage. It is also a reality that some other people are not succeeding with their marriages coming to an end and for some of them, their divorce becomes very difficult to deal with. The University of Pretoria couple, it is in their best interest. Congratulations to them. People should leave out what might not happen in their marriage and let them be happy for themselves. People are doing what makes them happy and if it is marriage, then you should go for it regardless of what people are saying on social media or the streets won’t give you the marriage certificate that you want for yourself. When you are at the age of getting married, then you should do it with happiness.

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