Mon. May 16th, 2022

Why u don’t have a child?” Nizzy asked, but Makhadzi didn’t bother replying his comment.

“As i am preparing my self for NWALI DAY TOMORROW AT MEROPA CASINO. Please catch me live tonight on massive music channel 161 at 21:30 Performing kulakwe and pain ya jealous. 25 much i am dropping my PE AND 26 Much I am making a history in Botwana. PAIN YA JEALOUS”, Makhadzi said, asking her followers and fans to stream her performance tonight on channel 161.

From Makhadzi’s recent pictures, Mzansi noticed that her trousers were not tight on her waist. That she looked beautiful and chubby. Her fans seem concerned about her weight gain and glow. Some are mentioning Master KG, cheering him up for taking a good care of Makhadzi.

Makhadzi will be performing her new single Pain ya jealous and the other she dropped two weeks back, Kulakwe. The song “pain ya jealous” talks about peope that do not want to see other people succeeding. It’s a song Makhadzi released for people that are jealous about their family members, closest friends who have made it in life. It leaves listeners with a message of practicing tender kindness towards others, learning to congratulate and applaud those who are winning.

Mzansi already love her new unreleased single. The support Makhadzi get from her fans is out of this world. Very impressive. Few days ago, Makhadzi was trending for pushing her dancer off stage. Mzansi still defended Makhadzi against what her actions portrayed. Many told her what she did was wrong but that will not change how much they love her music. Makhadzi is currently the only South African female who is in the top 10 of most YouTube streamed music.

But pictures she posted today, Makhadzi has grown beautifully over the years. Skin tone look smooth, her weight gain is just as beautiful.

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