Tue. May 24th, 2022

In Nigeria, a certain video became transpiring while a girl particularly Millicent Amadigwa, exposed that her husband became constantly taking steps to kill their children earlier than he did in the end.

Millicent Amadigwa clarified how she lower back domestic from the marketplace simply to song down her daughters withinside the freezer. Her children had been taken to the emergency clinic, wherein they had been affirmed useless.

She became inquired as whether or not she speculated that any individual had murdered her younger girls. In mild of the inquiry that became posed, Millicent Amadigwa stated that she suspects her husband who’s the dad of her kids, considering the fact that he became constantly taking steps to kill them and that the 2 of them might display up withinside the news.

As indicated through Millicent Amadigwa, her husband were compromising her kids considering the fact that a 12 months ago. She brought that her husband doesn’t provide her cash to attend to the now- deceaseds

She similarly proceeded to mention that her husband bought pills the day the incident occurred. Millicent Amadigwa stated that he informed her that he had to launch it into the well, but she speculated that he can also additionally have applied it at the younger girls.

” I left the children with their Father, I promote clean tomatoes withinside the marketplace. When I comes back from domestic that day, I became amazed that no person got here to welcome me like earlier than. When I arrived, I requested my Husband (Mr Ifeayin Amadikwa) approximately the children and he claimed that he knew not anything approximately their whereabouts. I checked everywhere for the children, I even searched  I even searched the bush for them. I searched the neighbor’s house, I didn’t see them. I became amazed to locate my husband sitting down much less concerned, he became now no longer even concerned approximately the lacking children. He became stitching his trouser after I became trying to find the children. After he finished, he placed on his trouser and took me to a refrigerator. He informed me to look the children she became searching for, that they’re withinside the refrigerator playing. When I opened the refrigerator, I noticed the children all piled up towards every different withinside the refrigerator. They had been already useless and their lips grew to become to black, any other substance became additionally popping out in their mouth. ” She stated.

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