Fri. May 20th, 2022

Prophet Rhadebelihle is known for his future predictions and spiritual advice. Most of all, the prophet got more fame after it had been exposed that he had predicted Shona Ferguson’s death months before he died.

The prophet has since been sharing spiritual knowledge and advising people on social media. The last time the prophet warned that loadshedding is nothing and the world would experience a blackout.

Today, the prophet shared an important message on his social media. This message is sent mostly to parents that have children between the age of 1 and 2. Ever wondered why most kids around that age do not want to be around certain people and even cry when they are around those people? The prophet explains that it’s because these children are powerful at that age and can sense a bad or wrong person. 

“Kids are so powerful at a age of 1years to 2 years. They can sense an elder that’s wrong in discussion or argument without even being there and choose to be away from them. They can sense that energy and vibration. Study your children you will see”. 

Many people commented to his post affirming that indeed children can sense when one is wrong. 

” So true, my daughter doesn’t align with her Gogo my mother in law since birth. I stopped going there”. 

One lady affirmed that her kids could tell that she was the wrong one after she had a fight with her mother. 

“I remember the time i had an argument with my mother i decided to move out with my kids… first night in a new apartment they wanted to go back home to gogoWoman facepalming and leave me there. And yes i was the one who was wrong”. 

Another lady however complained that whenever she tried go get closer to a child in her family, she cries but doesn’t cry with other people and wanted to know what could possibly be the problem. 

Nevertheless, whether children cry around certain people or not, we should always pay attention to them and see what makes them happy and what doesn’t as kids might not be able to express themselves but can definitely show us the way and how to help them. 

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