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Watch Generations The Legacy actress Nontle ‘Buntu Petse’s Adiwele dance moves set Mzansi on fire.

Generations The Legacy actress Buntu Petse plays the role of Nontle in the SABC 1 soap opera. Like many of our favourite Mzansi actresses, Buntu spent festive holidays with her family in Mancam, Eastern Cape, where she pulled impressive dance moves.

Nontle on Generations The Legacy

After the Generations production festive season break, Buntu left her onscreen parents, Ayanda Majola and stepfather Dali Malinga and returned home to Eastern Cape.

Speaking about spending festive holidays with family, Buntu revealed that she would recharge and take all the parental blessings as she could.

Buntu Petse and family
Buntu Petse and family: Image Credit @Instagram

‘After a long hectic, and busy year, this is the right moment to spend time with family and relatives. Tapping into the parental blessings and recharging batteries is the main mission above all enjoying this production break.’ – Buntu Petse.

On Generations The Legacy, Nontle is the daughter of business executive Ayanda Majola and jailed Tau Mogale. She debuts on Generations as a teen keen on environmental activism; she gives politicians and companies a run for their money to ensure that her ideas are acted upon and implemented.

She is the daughter of the most secretive mother, Nontle spent her life without knowing who her birth father was, and recently she was introduced to a maternal grandfather whom she only knew as dead. Her role on Generations The Legacy inspires thousands of South African young girls; she is a goal-getter who fights for her beliefs.

Buntu Petse on playing Nontle on Generations

Nontle on Generations The Legacy
Nontle on Generations The Legacy: Image Credit @Instagram

Playing a younger role than her age gave Buntu Petse helpful life lessons. Speaking on the similarities and differences between Nontle and Buntu on Generations, she revealed she admires her onscreen character.

“I have learned a lot from Nontle; she is brave and stands up for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Though she has her flaws, as young as she is, Nontle is family-oriented, and that’s what’s important.”

She also reveals that working with Samela Tyelbooi as her onscreen mother has helped her grow as an actress.

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