Tue. May 17th, 2022

From just regular friends all the way to besties, these are the levels the Somizi and vusi Nova friendship have climbed. Not so long ago, the two was rumored to be dating, it was not the first time those rumors made rounds, they always sparked every time Somizi and Vusi take a picture together or spend time together. It was even worse when Somizi was going through the divorce.

Nonetheless, the two denied all those dating rumors and maintained that they are not more than friends, however, with the recent snaps that just made rounds on social media, with the two looking very cosy and very touchy and to top it all, they both looked very comfortable whilst doing that. Somizi was seen sitting on top of Vusi Nova and being all cosy. If they are just friends as they maintain, it really means things are all rosy in that friendship, like their friendship is at its peak, literally.

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