Mon. May 16th, 2022

You know when they say people should just love each other and be friendly with each other they were really onto something, like there really is no reason to hate each other or just not like each other. In the South african entertainment industry there is often love-hate relationships. In most cases where there is a hew kid on the block, the OG’s usually get jealous, not realizing that the pie is just as big for everyone.

What just melted our hearts is what we saw with Somizi Mhlongo and other celebrities with just a video. Showing each other love and appreciating what the other person does, it really does not have to be on big things only. If someone makes you laugh,tell them. Somizi posted a very funny video of himself in Qwaqwa, speaking Sotho and many celebs found it really hilarious, see their reactions below, it was really cute.

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