Mon. May 16th, 2022

So we can now just assume that it is in Cassper’s nature to just compete, but to put infants to compete, is that not a bit extreme.

Just in less than a week ago, Cassper Nyovest was in a boxing ring with a YouTuber just because he did not agree with the YouTuber’s views. He literally invited the guy to fight him and he would give him money for that, irregardless of whether he wins or losses. This just goes to show how competitive he is.

Just over a year ago, he also wanted rapper AKA in a boxing ring, he also wanted to fight him, all to show who is better than who.

But right now it looks like he may have overstepped a hit, on a post that Minnie posted of his son washing his car, Cassper commented and told Minnie that they should take their boys out for breakfast and let them rally with their cars abd Minnie agreed, like are the kids not too young to be competing for no good reason?.

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