Tue. May 17th, 2022

The former Kaizer Chiefs star Pule Ekstein had tied the knot this December, Pule and his partner looked so good in their traditional outfit. The social media users were taken by surprise after learning that Pule had a secret girlfriend, just when everybody thought Pule would marry Lizzy from the popular television drama, Skeem Sam, they were surprised to learn of his new girlfriend whom he turned into a wife.

The life of a celebrity in South Africa is always in the spotlight, though Pule went abroad to play for the European teams, the South African fans are keeping an eye on him. The opinionated social media users had noticed something about Pule and his wife, some of the users are of the opinion that the wife looks far older than Pule Ekstein. This was a generally accepted view by many commentators. According to other users, age is nothing as long as there’s chemistry between the couple. Statistically, women are more than men in terms of population, it is no longer surprising to see a young man taking on a woman who’s older than him. Is she really look older than Pule?

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